Go Paybrella – Your 100% Compliant Umbrella Company

An umbrella company is often the simplest way to get paid, especially for short-term or part time contracts. It offers the benefits of an employment contract with the flexibility for you to work different assignments.  With Paybrella, you are sure of a hassle-free, transparent, friendly service.  

Paybrella Benefits

  • Continuous employment record, even when you change assignment or work with more than one agency, which helps when applying for mortgages or loans.
  • Single employment contract, with a single tax code – less chance of getting an emergency tax code with higher tax bills.
  • Employment rights, including holiday pay, workplace pension, and maternity/paternity pay.
  • Salary Sacrifice Scheme option – make tax-friendly contributions to a private pension at no extra cost.
  • Peace of mind from using a 100% compliant, Professional Passport-accredited umbrella company
  • No unexpected tax bills – we make all necessary income tax and National Insurance deductions before you get paid.
  • No hidden fees – we charge a standard maximum margin of £20 per week (£15 for wages below £350 per week)
  • £20 million in insurance cover – £10 million Employers’ Liability, £5 million Public Liability and £5 million Professional Indemnity

How it works

  • You sign a contract of employment with Paybrella
  • Paybrella contracts with your agency
  • You submit your timesheet, either to the agency or the Paybrella portal
  • The agency pays an Agency Fee to Paybrella
  • Paybrella deducts its margin and employment costs
  • Paybrella pays all the deducted taxes and National Insurance to HMRC
  • You receive payment from Paybrella
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