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  • Your 100% compliant, accredited umbrella company.
  • £10 per week margin – less than most umbrellas, so you take home more.
  • Personal service with a dedicated account manager.

For your umbrella, go Paybrella!

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Paybrella will treat you right

When you need an umbrella company for your contract, you want one you can trust – to pay you in full and on time, sort out your taxes correctly, and respond to your questions. We promise you all this and more.

Benefits include – 

  • Peace of mind – we are 100% HMRC-compliant, Professional Passport-accredited.
  • Same-day payments with instant notifications and access to payslips via a secure portal.
  • Continuous employment record, even when you change assignment or agency, which helps when applying for mortgages or loans.
  • Single employment contract, with a single tax code – less chance of an emergency tax code with higher tax bills.
  • Employment rights, including holiday pay, workplace pension, and maternity/paternity pay.
  • No unexpected tax bills – we make all the necessary  deductions before you get paid. 
  • Salary Sacrifice Scheme option – you can make tax-friendly additional contributions to a private pension.

Personal Service

Easy to sign up and also keep in touch with your account manager with any questions you may have.


Professional Passport-accredited and 100% HMRC compliant

Fair Pay

We'll always pay you in full. We are a sponsor of Jobs Aware which campaigns for workers' rights

You're Covered

£20 million insurance cover - it's part of the deal.

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